Animations & Transitions in Powerpoint: A guide to Youtube resources

I firmly believe that when you are delivering classes online the quality of visual presentation needs to be greatly improved, in particular in terms of how professional it looks. This includes using more colour, more visual elements and adding a dynamic dimension to the presentation. Animations are great to do that. A blank background with bullet points of text coming in at the same time does not provide for the most engaging online learning experience.

Over the past two months I’ve spent a considerable amount of time learning how to animate PowerPoint presentations. At May’s BUBS educational enhancement session colleagues showed an interest in knowing more about how bring their presentations to life. Responding to this interest, I developed a short PowerPoint presentation (what else!) that I shared with BUBS colleagues at this month Educational Enhancement Forum. The presentation Animations & Transitions in Powerpoint: A guide to Youtube resources has now been recorded and the video uploaded on Youtube.

The presentation doesn’t teach how to animate presentations, rather it directs viewers to (mainly youtube) resources that they can use to learn about how to animate presentations. I hope it encourages colleagues to learn more about these, while saving them time by directing them to good resources.

Miguel Moital, Principal Academic in Events Management

Department of Sport & events Management, Bournemouth University Business School