Contacting RDS

Like the rest of BU, RDS (Research Development and Support) have been working from home for the past four months. If you’ve been struggling to find out who you can contact in RDS, we have a helpful page called ‘faculty-facing staff‘, which can be found along the top menu bar under ‘RDS Team’.

We will ensure that when we aren’t available, we have an ‘out of office’ message that gives a clear alternative contact. Due to working from home, we are experiencing a high level of email traffic. Please don’t use the central RDS mailing lists unless you cannot find who to contact. These go to the whole team, which increases email traffic for all.

When working, we will answer any emails within 48 hours on a week day. Please don’t send follow-up emails because you haven’t had an instant reply. A lot of the team are juggling high workloads with deadlines and childcare, but we promise we will respond.

If any members of RDS are available by phone or on MSTeams then we will ensure that our email signatures provide these details so that you have alternative options to make contact.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to continuing to work with you.