Happy 10th birthday, BU Research Blog!

It is exactly ten years since the BU Research Blog was launched at Bournemouth University!

Our first post was on the excellent RNLI slipways research undertaken by Prof Mark Hadfield and Dr Ben Thomas (read the story here). Over the past ten years, 10,263 posts have been added to the Blog, many of which were posted by academic colleagues from across BU. In 2012, the BU Research Blog won a Gold HEIST Award in the Best Internal Communications Campaign category in recognition of its role is strengthening research culture across the University and providing a platform for colleagues to share information.

The analytics data only goes back to April 2016; however, there have been 888,126 page views since then. The most popular page is, unsurprisingly, the home page (with 111,374 views), followed by the research ethics pages (with 50,213 views), and then the REF page (with 16,847 views). The ten most popular posts have been:

  1. Thoughts on writing recommendations for a research thesis (15,957 views)
  2. Referencing Dutch, Flemish & German names in the Harvard system (8,751 views)
  3. Want to gain a Marie Curie Fellowship? Our four times winner shares his experience (6,739 views)
  4. How to write a 4* article (5,101 views)
  5. Training preparation in rural Nepal – BF poster (4,165 views)
  6. Writing a lay summary is easy, right? (3,323 views)
  7. BU Sports Management student succeeds in FC Bayern Munich and Procter & Gamble business case competition (1,778 views)
  8. Public lecture afternoon (1,731 views)
  9. Student Research Assistants – awarded projects (1,638 views)
  10. REF Week – environment statement (1,451 views)

Congratulations to Professor Edwin van Teijlingen who authored 3 of the 10 most popular posts.

Most people reading the Blog are based in the UK; however, people read the Blog from all over the world. The ten countries that access the Blog the most are:

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. Philippines
  5. Australia
  6. Germany
  7. Netherlands
  8. Ireland
  9. France
  10. Canada

The map below shows the locations of the people who have access the Blog since April 2016, demonstrating it has a world-wide readership.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Research Blog over the past decade and made it a success. The Blog is owned by everyone at BU. If you would like access to add posts, contact Rhyannan Hurst who will set this up for you.