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Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team

Ensuring that BU’s knowledge is informed by society, for the benefit of society, is at the core BU’s vision and values. As part of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office, the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team (KEIT) brings this vision alive through corporate level initiatives for knowledge exchange with multiple audiences include the public, industry and undergraduate students. The mechanisms for knowledge exchange are varied and include the Festival of Learning, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF), Business Services and Research Communications amongst others. Through dedicated specialist roles, the team also works to understand the value of engagement and evidence the impact of BU’s work for society.

Dr Rebecca Edwards

Dr Rebecca Edwards

Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager

(01202) 961538
M406, Melbury House

I lead the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team to work across BU through a series of corporate level initiatives designed to ensure our research activities are informed by society for the benefit of society. This role builds on my previous experience at BU as Public Engagement and Impact Manager/Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Manager.

My passion for research and knowledge exchange stems from my time as a researcher dating back over the last decade or so. After completing a BSc in Geography from Royal Holloway, University of London, at the same institution I was awarded an ESRC CASE Studentship to explore the impacts of public space policy – co-funded by Grosvenor Estates and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This triggered my dual passions of understanding the impacts of national government policy at a localised level and how society engages within the public sphere. I was then appointed as a Research Associate at Cardiff University, first as part of the Regeneration Institute and latterly the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research (WISERD). Here I had a diverse and varied role, working on multiple research and knowledge exchange projects – often at the same time!

Through funders including the ESRC and Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), I explored my passion for governance and policy through research into social housing, urban regeneration and safeguarding young people. After three years at Cardiff, I then spent the next three at University of Southampton as a Research Fellow within the Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC), funded by the ESRC, Office for Civil Society and Barrow Cadbury Trust. Here, I project managed a work stream of three interrelated projects which focused around the environment and the third sector.

Other interests include supporting local charities, having fun on the beach (and sometimes in the sea), walking (preferably up mountains), hanging out with my friends/family (one baby boy, one husband, one Jack Russell and two cats), experimenting with new recipes, going to gigs and trying to understand rugby.

Daniela Doncakova

Daniela Doncakova

Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer

(01202) 961342
M402, Melbury House

As the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Officer I work across Bournemouth University to ensure effective day-to-day management of initiatives which support the growth of innovation and research impact.

Previously I worked at the University of Southampton as an Impact Programme Officer, where I managed the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) Funding Scheme in Research and Innovation Services (RIS).

My previous role to that was a Programme Manager for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) – University of Southampton, where I managed the application process for the Clinical Boards, as well as managed funded research projects on behalf of the funder (Department of Health)

Outside of work I enjoy travelling and spending time with my pets.



Rachel Clarke

Rachel Clarke

Knowledge Exchange Advisor (KTP)

(01202) 961347
M402, Melbury House

As the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Officer I am responsible for developing and managing the Institutions KTP portfolio and also for brokering relationships, with a KTP focus, between the University and the business world.  Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are beneficial to all parties involved and I’m delighted to be working in this setting.  As an example, a direct result of a KTP project can increase profits and innovative mobility within partner businesses. As part of my role involves the active promotion of KTPs, I will be spending time out and about at events, so if you see me around, please do say hello!

For the past 4 years I have been working in the Careers & Employability team at the University in an employer liaison capacity; organising careers events and sourcing and advertising an range of job opportunities for students, be it part time, placement and graduate.  Previous to this, I have worked in operations and recruitment in the local area and as such have built up a network of contacts over the years.  Prior to my working life, I studied at Bath Spa University and achieved a degree in Media Communications and Cultural Studies.   I feel that this role of KTP Officer will hone in on my skills and experience gained over the years.

Outside of work, I play roller derby with the local league, Dorset Roller Girls.  This keeps me busy attending games, training (on and off skates) and I am also part of their fundraising committee.  I have a keen interest in music and when I’m not training for derby, I am attending music gigs.

Rachel Bowen

Rachel Bowen

Research Communications Manager


(01202) 968234
M402, Melbury House

As Research Communications Manager, I am responsible for promoting the excellent research undertaken by BU’s academics and helping to demonstrate its impact on society.  This involves working with academics to find out about the research they’re doing and advising on the best ways to share it with wider audiences.

My interest in research stems from previous campaigns and policy work in the charity sector, where studies produced by academics  were essential to making credible arguments to Government.  Having seen how influential it can be in public policy, it’s exciting to be in a position where I can help to demonstrate the value of research to society more widely.

Outside of work, I spend my time hiking and kayaking around various bits of the UK.

Charlene Parish

Charlene Parish

Project Coordinator: Student Project Bank

(01202) 961281
M402, Melbury House

As a project coordinator I am responsible for the day to day running of the Student Project Bank; a new and exciting project that provides students from across BU with the real-world projects to use as part of their academic studies.

For the past five years I have been working in SciTech as a research assistant in the Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science (AAFS), where I specialised in geophysical survey, topographic survey and GIS. I was lucky enough to carry out field work on World Heritage Sites in Tanzania and Rapa Nui (Easter Island), as well as working in sites in the Avebury landscape and Pembrokeshire. I studied Field Archaeology at BU and it was a pleasure to return here in a professional context.

Outside of work I play roller derby for Dorset Roller Girls. When I’m not on skates I enjoy hiking, camping, yoga and travelling.

Genna West

Genna West

Engagement and Impact Facilitator

(01202) 968240
M402, Melbury House

(on maternity leave)

As Engagement and Impact Facilitator, I am responsible for supporting BU academics to develop research impact through meaningful engagement with external stakeholders. This includes supporting BU’s major engagement events, and working with academic colleagues to develop engagement strategies to enhance funding bids and deliver and evidence impact.

This role builds on experience gained as BU’s Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager during Rebecca Edwards’ maternity leave and my previous role as the Knowledge Exchange Manager within the ESRC Centre for Population Change, based at the University of Southampton. In this position, I worked closely with policy makers, practitioners, the academic community and members of the public to highlight the relevance of demographic research and facilitate ways that it could be widely used. I particularly enjoyed working on a large public engagement project – the ‘How to get to 100 and enjoy it’ exhibition – which toured the UK to communicate latest research on the challenges and opportunities associated with Europe’s ageing population.

I hold a first-class BA Hons degree in Geography and Spanish from Plymouth University and spent my third year living and studying in Madrid. Upon finishing University I worked in a range of research, communications and events roles, including coordinating international conferences for a research institute and a graduate placement at the Higher Education Academy’s subject centre for Education at the University of Bristol.

Outside of work, I love to travel and am always looking for opportunities to try out my most recent hobby – scuba diving – since completing my PADI a few years ago in Borneo. I also play netball in local leagues and spend as much time as possible at the beach!

Devon Biddle

Devon Biddle

Event Coordinator

(01202) 961214
M402, Melbury House

My name is Devon and I am completing a Business degree at Bournemouth University. I have been given a fantastic opportunity to work as the Events Organiser in the Research and Knowledge and Exchange department for a year placement, something I am extremely thrilled about as it incorporates two of my passions; learning, and organising events.

I am excited to be working with academics to share their research with the general public, as well as enhance my skills learnt throughout my degree.

In my spare time I love to help run and organise campaigns for both women’s liberation and LGBTQ+ activism, complimenting my almost unhealthy obsession with dogs and social media.

Sacha Gardener

Sacha Gardener

Student Engagement and Communications Coordinator

(01202) 961356
M402, Melbury House

As Student Engagement & Communications Coordinator, I am responsible for promoting Bournemouth University’s world leading research to our students of all levels, as well as developing marketing & communication strategies and plans of the best ways to get them involved and engaged. I also support the Research Communications Manager (Rachel Bowen) with BU’s research communication activities and tasks, which includes supporting our social media channels, writing for our research website and research publications, such as the Bournemouth Research Chronicle.

From studying BA (Hons) Communications and Media at Bournemouth University, I have found a love for marketing and new media. With the rapid advancement of technology, I believe new media is extremely powerful and significant to communicate and engage with many audiences today; which is why it is very exciting to be offered this placement position where I can use new media strategies to promote research and organise events/activities targeted towards people like me!

Outside of work, I enjoy training in the gym, binge-watching TV series (currently loving Homeland, Power & Billions), dreaming about places to travel and explore, and of course spending time with the people I love. My personal goal for this year is to start learning Indonesian.

Matt Fancy

Matt Fancy

Impact Officer - Faculty of Management

(01202) 964013
M402, Melbury House


As Impact Officer for the Faculty of Management, I am responsible for the identification, development and evidencing of research impact in preparation for the REF 2021.

This includes providing guidance to academic colleagues, ensuring appropriate evidence of impact is collated, regular reporting on the progress of case studies and enabling the acceleration of research impact.

Previously I worked at BU in M&C as the Corporate Communications Assistant where I worked across the Internal Comms and PR / Comms teams sourcing and writing news stories for the intranet and BU website; organising events and general administration for the team.

Outside of work, my interests include reading music biographies, visiting interesting ex-socialist countries (Slovenia mostly), reading ghost stories and getting hooked on Netflix documentaries. I also enjoy a nice craft ale – preferably in the beer garden of a country pub after a long walk over the hills.

Amanda Lazar

Amanda Lazar

Impact Officer - Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

(01202) 964011
M402, Melbury House

As Impact Officer for the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, I am responsible for supporting the faculty with the development of impact case studies for the Research Excellence Framework in 2021. This includes providing guidance to academic colleagues on how their research can have a positive and measurable impact on society, academia or the economy, ensuring appropriate evidence of impact is collated, regular reporting on the progress of case studies and enabling the acceleration of research impact.

Prior to this role I have had a varied career beginning with a Theology degree (Durham) and my first  job designing presentations, through  several years working as a counsellor before completing a BA in Fine Art (AUB) and a Masters at BU in Directing Digital Film & Television. For the past decade I have been working as a Video Artist, but my love of academia drew me back to BU and I chose to work in the RKEO as an Impact Officer because it was a role that I felt could really help to make a difference both within the University and in the world beyond.

Outside of work I have been involved in organising a yearly festival on a voluntary basis and I go to gigs and festivals as often as possible, indulging my love of thrash and industrial metal. Other than that, I love Radio 4 & 6 Radio; cryptic crosswords; swimming in and sailing on the sea; exploring landscapes and buildings old and new; travelling great distances to see good contemporary art and baking indulgent treats that taste a lot better than they look!

Brian McNulty

Brian McNulty

Impact Officer - Faculty of Media and Communication

(01202) 964012
M402, Melbury House

As an Impact Officer assigned to the Faculty of Media and Communication, I provide support to academic colleagues to develop and evidence impact case studies in preparation for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) in 2021. This includes maintaining and promoting the impact tracking system, data and evidence collection, and providing advice on developing and accelerating impact. I split my time between the central Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (RKEO) and Weymouth House.

For the past five and a half years I have supported the Faculty of Media and Communication, first as an RKE Operations Officer in RKEO doing pre- and post-award work, next in Student Support, and then as Research Development Co-ordinator.

Outside of work I love to play with my daughter, read, play computer games, and go on family trips.