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Guidance for Ethics Programme Teams

When a Supervisor forwards a checklist online, you will all receive an automated email which tells  you (the team) that a checklist has arrived online to review (OEC Admin System).  Only one team member can ‘respond’ to the checklist online, so please talk to each other about how you want to manage the review process and make a group decision on who is taking responsibility for feeding back comments comments to the student (online) or for approving the checklist.  Once a ‘response’ has been made online, the checklist will disappear from the OEC Admin system because it has been ‘returned’ to the student for changes or it has been approved.

  • When a checklist is sent back for changes, once the student resubmits, the checklist returns to the Supervisor for review who has the responsiblity to make sure the student has followed the Team’s recommendations.  The Supervisor will then forward the checklist onto the Team for approval.  A member of the Team should ‘respond’ to the checklist online.
  • When a checklist has been approved, all Team members will be able to see the approved checklist listed on the OEC Admin System.

See Guidance for Ethics Programme Teams on how to use Cohort

See Review and Approval workflow process

See What to expect when completing the checklist – this guide provides an overview of the questions that appear in the ethics checklist and is useful to refer to when reviewing your student’s PDF ethics checklist.