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Tyndall climate centre moves into China

The University of East Anglia says the new Tyndall Centre Fudan will help China shift to a low-carbon economy.  The institution is an expansion of the university’s Tyndall research centre in the UK, in cooperation Fudan University in China.  It has received a 15-year funding commitment from the Chinese central government and the Shanghai City government.

“It is our intention to combine the interdisciplinary strengths of all the UK universities in the Tyndall Centre and the excellence of Fudan University in order to better address some of the challenging problems which climate change is throwing at us,” said Trevor Davies, co-director of Fudan Tyndall, in a statement.  “It is an exciting opportunity for both countries.”

The UK Tyndall Centre is led by the University of East Anglia, in collaboration with the Universities of Cambridge, Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Southampton and Sussex.