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This free dataset will really help your EU funding proposal!

Downloading the FREE European Social Survey’s (ESS) latest dataset will be invaluable for the majority of you thinking of applying for EU funding. The ESS is a high standard survey in which 28 countries took part (with 2400 responses from the UK).  

The ESS covers topics such as political engagement; trust in institutions; moral and social values; social capital; social exclusion; national, ethnic and religious identity; well-being, health and security and you can carry out a simple analysis online of archived data. In the latest round information the questionnaire included questions on:

1) Work, family and well-being. Areas covered include: the impact of the recession on households and work; job security; housework; wellbeing; unemployment; work-life balance.

2) Trust in criminal justice. Areas covered include: confidence in the police and the courts; cooperation with the police and the courts; contact with the police; attitudes towards punishment.

Information Commissioner forces UEA to release data to Oxford academic

The Information Commissioner’s Office ordered the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit to disclose its CRUTEM dataset to Jonathan Jones from Oxford University after he used the Freedom of Information Act. Jones requested access to the CRU archive of world temperature data – recorded jointly with the Met Office – back in 2009, and it was in June this year the ruling was made and the University given one month to deliver the data.