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‘Scandalous’ – EU majorly under-reports super greenhouse gas

A new study has suggested that the UK, Italy and the Netherlands have under-reported emissions of a potent greenhouse gas HFC-23 which has a global warming potential 15,000 greater than that of CO2. The report, states that Western EU countries produce twice as much of HFC-23 gas as they declare and the lead author – Stefan Reinmann, EMPA, told Research Europe: “it’s a little disturbing that Europe, as one of the most developed regions in the world, is not able to perform a good estimation of its greenhouse gas emissions.” The UK is said to swiftly convert huge quantities of the powerful ‘super greenhouse gas’ 60-140% more than officially reported. Clare Perry of the Environmental Investigations Agency called the situation ‘scandalous’.

Funding available for the assessment of EU climate policies and for healthy ageing

Funding is available for an evaluation of the performance of EU climate policy, in particular phase II of the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme in relation to the implementation of the Renewable Electricity Directive. This will include the assessment of: implementation problems; the interaction between the Trading Scheme and the Directive (and interactions with other policies as far as relevant); their effectiveness in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and their costs. The deadline is 26.09.11

Funding is also available for innovative policies to support healthy, active and dignified ageing and raise the effectiveness and efficiency of spending on social, health and long-term care services and benefits. Proposals should promote the sustainability and quality of health and long-term care provision for the elderly through healthy and active ageing, with a focus on different stages of policy development. The budget for this call is €2 million and grants are expected to fall between €100,000 and €500,000. The deadline is 26.09.11 

HEFCE funding of £10 million to cut carbon emissions

The Revolving Green Fund (RGF) is open for proposals to reduce carbon emissions. There are two strands of funding both with a deadline of October 17th.
Strand 1 targets small-scale projects to improve energy efficiency and will aim to reach a broad range of institutions.
Strand 2 will make up to £3 million available for exemplary retrofit projects. These flagship initiatives will inform research, promote skills development and market growth in the relevant technologies – they must also demonstrate potential to capture and disseminate learning that will be of benefit across the higher education sector.
FAQs about the fund are available online.

Study on “Towards an overall measurement methodology of the carbon and energy footprints of the ICT sector”

The objective of this study is to identify and carry out critical analyses of the existing methodologies and initiatives aiming at measuring the GHG emissions and energy consumption applicable to the ICT sector (ICT products, services and companies).
The expected result is to get a clear picture and critical comparison of the methodologies and initiatives that exist or are in preparation, in the EU and globally.

Duration must not exceed 7 months.  
The total price quoted cannot exceed €180.000.

Deadlines: Request for information 23 June 2011; Submission 30 June 2011

Further docs: Invitation to Tender; Tender Specifications; Annex to Tender Specifications; Model Service Contract