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New PGR network – SPROUT – connecting sustainability to our research

Bournemouth University is working with University of Newcastle and University of Cardiff to provide opportunities for Postgraduate Research (PGR) students to connect with each other and learn about how sustainability can enhance their doctoral research. 

Our mission is to connect and nurture PGRs, aspiring PGRs (perhaps currently studying their master’s degree) and Early Career Researchers who are interested in developing their understanding about how sustainability can enhance the rationale for and impact of their research.  

We launch the network in February 2024 and would love you to encourage your PGRs to join. We will be holding a programme of monthly online events with the following aims: 

  • To build confidence amongst PGRs, aspiring PGRs and ECRs in engaging with SDGs. 
  • To provide opportunities within a community of practice to develop peers’ understanding about sustainability. 
  • To increase awareness of sustainability’s contribution to employability and funding opportunities.  
  • To provide collaborative opportunities for PGRs and ECRs to develop a range of competencies applicable to their own research and personal/ professional contexts. 

The network is a legacy of SustainaWHAT?! a series of events held during 2023 which connected PGRs to the sustainability agenda and sought to facilitate a cross-institution PGR network for ongoing support and inspiration of SDG-informed research.  

Want to know more? Then email Professor Fiona Cownie (fjcownie@bournemouth.ac.uk) or PGR lead Jack Olley  (jolley@bournemouth.ac.uk)

We’d love to welcome your PGRs to SPROUT. 

Prof Fiona Cownie and Jack Olley 

Bournemouth University Network Leads