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“More than half of academics are either not aware of their university’s knowledge transfer services, or do not use them…..” – Are YOU in that half?

Surprising figures of only 43% of academics recently surveyed were aware of their university’s knowledge exchange services!

Approximately, 22,000 academics were questioned in a recent survey which was carried out by the Centre for Business Research and the UK- Innovation Research Centre, and published in a report titled The Dual Funding Structure for Research in the UK.

The report also showed that 80% of external organisations contact academics directly, which means that if you are not in contact with your Knowledge Exchange Officer – you may be missing out on further knowledge engagement with the organisations you are already in touch with!  There are a number of funded knowledge engagement schemes available for organisations to tap into, such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and Innovation Vouchers.  To find out more on these schemes please contact your Knowledge Engagement Officer – Lucy Rossiter.

Please do take advantage of the support on offer from your KE Officer.  Additionally, there is a lot to gain from touching base with them…. If they know a bit more about what you do, in turn it will help them direct any relevant business engagement KE opportunities your way…….

** The ‘engagement’ image used in this blog was sourced from http://www.peopleinsight.co.uk/ **