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World Rankings: scholars respond to reputation survey

More than 17,500 academics (31% increase on last year) from 137 countries completed the Academic Reputation Survey. The survey (which is by invitation only for sampling purposes) data will be used alongside several other indicators to help build the 2011-12 World University Rankings, to be published in September, and will also be published in isolation from other performance indicators in early 2012 in the second of Times Higher Educations annual World Reputation Rankings. A video clip presented by Phil Baty, Editor of Times Higher Education, discussing the future of university rankings ios also available.

University rankings ‘focus too much on research performance’

University rankings ‘focus too much on research performance’
International university rankings are not transparent and focus too much on research performance and elite universities, according to a report released on 17 June by the European Universities Association.
Rankings encourage accountability, but are biased and insufficiently transparent, the authors say…..For instance, humanities are ignored by the bibliometric indicators used in global league tables.
The EUA study reviewed 13 international university rankings, and was funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Germany and the Portuguese Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.