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NIHR INSIGHT Programme – opportunities

An invitation for those who have project ideas and or would like to supervise research projects.

Inspiring graduates and early career professionals into research. The NIHR INSIGHT programme South West Central Collaboration  – offers opportunities for research engagement. This is a collaboration led by UWE and co-hosted by BU with collaborators and stakeholders across the region.

To find out more about the programme NIHR Insight Programme for South West Central (insight-southwestcentral.net)

Applications for a BU MRes will be through the doctoral college NIHR INSIGHT South West Central Programme | Bournemouth University


We are expecting applications to come in shortly for full and part time MRes students as part of the INSIGHT programme starting in September 2024.

  1. Would you like to be a supervisor for an MRes student and or would you like to be part of a supervisory team?
  2. Do you have a research idea that could be undertaken by an MRes student. This might include a literature review + either of the following -(service valuation, audit, analysis of existing data, quality improvement) + Public and Patient involvement and engagement.


The fully funded Mres studentships  are available to early career colleagues (within 3 years of registration/work) in health and social care settings (nursing, midwifery, AHP, Social work, public health, pharmacy, chiropractic, osteopath and health care scientists).


For further information please contact:

Assoc Prof  Les Gelling – Programme lead BU INSIGHT

Assoc Prof Theo Akudjedu – Innovation and Engagement lead BU INSIGHT

Prof Carol Clark – Host Lead BU INSIGHT

New Research Project – Staying Active and Independent for Longer (SAIL)

Professor Ann Hemingway (FHSS) and Professor Adele Ladkin (FM) have recently been successful in gaining EU funding (2 SEAS strand) for a project entitled Staying Active and Independent for Longer (SAIL).  This is a three and a half year project piloting eleven different social innovations in three countries focused on helping older people to stay active and independent for longer. The project partners come from the public sector, third sector, universities and SME’s, and include the following.

Coastal regions in the 2 Seas Area have to deal with specific challenges in relation to ageing as they are confronted with a particular mix of ageing people. This not only includes local elderly, but also the influx of ageing newcomers and tourists of an increasing average age. As this population puts pressure on health and social care systems, it is essential to enable them to stay active and independent for longer, to improve their wellbeing and quality of life to reduce costs and pressures on care systems.

Professor Hemingway (FHSS) and Professor Ladkin (FM) at BU are running the international feasibility study for this multi million pound project.  This project represents cross-faculty research success combining public health and tourism expertise at BU.