Integrative Wellbeing Research Centre (iWell)

Integrative Wellbeing Research Centre (iWell)

The Integrative Wellbeing research centre (iWell) has its ancestry in a previous Research Centre, viz., the Centre of Wellbeing & Quality of Life. The legacy of this centre is a wealth of expertise that can be brought to bear on several key domains of health-related wellbeing, including the development of public health innovations, physical and mental health, physical activity and nutrition.

Our inter-disciplinary, and cross-faculty team will undertake research to improve health and wellbeing at population, community and individual citizen levels. Furthermore, members are committed to the INVOLVE principles for the co-production of research questions with service users.

Current Membership

Adele Ladkin, Alice Ladur, Alison McConnell, Alison Trinder, Andrea Lacey, Andrew Powell, Angela Turner-Wilson,  Ann Hemingway,  Anne Mills,  Bernadette Waters,  Carol Clark,  Clare Killingback,  Debbie Neal,  Elizabeth Waithaka,  Folashade Alloh, Fotini Tsofliou,  Francesco Ferraro, Gill Glasgow, Heather Hartwell,  Holly Crossen-White, Jane Murphy, Jaqui Hewitt-Taylor, Joanna Thurston, Joanne Holmes, Jon Williams, Jonny Branney, Karen Rees, Katherine Appleton, Liz Norton, Malika Felton, Michelle Heward, Osman Ahmed, Peter Phillips, Petra Brown, Sam Crowe, Sara Ashencaen Crabtree, Sara White, Sarah Collard, Sarah Pyke, Sharon Docherty, Sheila Brooks, Sid Carter, Steven Trenoweth, Sue Baron, Swrajit Sarkar, Christoph Schroth, Pramod Regmi.

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