BRIAN – Almost there

The clock is ticking and we’re almost there with launching BRIAN.  You can watch the latest video on the benefits of uploading full-text outputs to BURO:

Approving or declining publications on BRIAN couldn’t be simpler.  You will receive an email to let you know that you have publications waiting for you in BRIAN.  When you log on to BRIAN it will tell you how many pending publications you have waiting:


By clicking the number shown in red, you will be taken through to your list of pending publications.  You’ll be presented with a list of pending publications, which will show a summary of the publication.  You can view full details from here, including the data source. On the right hand side of the publication is a red ‘X’  to decline and a green ‘Tick’ to approve.  If you have several publications to approve/decline then you can tick a check box in the left-hand corner of each publication and then click the larger approve/decline button above to approve/decline in bulk.  That’s it!

The best thing about BRIAN is that it allows you to have control over your external profile.  Whatever you choose to add to BRIAN will be displayed in your external profiles.  This includes a number of activities, such as your biography, academic group, memberships, website and social media links, plus many more options.

As said before, full user guides will be available when the system goes live.

Please can I ask that you do not log into the BRIAN until confirmation is given that the system is live.  Many thanks.