BRIAN Changes

BRIAN and the external staff profile pages have been amended so that they now only show your first name and surname.  If you have a ‘known as’ name within the HR database then this will be displayed instead of your first name.  If you would prefer a ‘known as’ name to be displayed then you will need to contact HR through to request a change to your ‘known as’ name.

Within the external staff profile pages the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) link on individual publications is now active as a hyperlink and will open the publication.  Also, when searching for a staff member the URL displayed at the top of the staff profile pages has been shortened to ‘’  and this address will also appear in the ‘link’ icon displayed under that persons photo.

The Professional Activity ‘Job Title’ has been removed from BRIAN as this information is pulled through from the ‘staff details changer’.  All job titles that were added into BRIAN have been updated in the staff details changer to ensure that your correct job title is displayed.