Change BU through 15 mins invested in CROS & PIRLS

Despite sounding like a cheesy folk musical duo, CROS and PIRLS are actually two key tools for you to tell BU your thoughts on being an academic member of staff here….

What are CROS & PIRLS?

The Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) and the Principal Investigators and Research Leaders Survey (PIRLS) are two short questionnaires (about 15 mins) prepared by Vitae to capture the experiences of research active staff. As part of our EC HR Excellence in Research Award Badge, it is critical we know your views.

The surveys are run biennially and gather anonymous data about working conditions, career aspirations and career development opportunities for research staff and research leaders in UK Higher Education.

Why should I complete a survey?

PIRLS and CROS will have a significant impact on those conducting and leading research in the UK.

For instance feedback CROS has provided to the government has led to additional funding to institutions for research staff development, as well as significantly raising the profile of research staff both within institutions and nationally.

On a local level, we will use the feedback from these surveys to improve support we offer at BU. This is your time to have your say so make sure your voice is heard. Don’t rely on others to complete this and give your views; the more responses we have the greater the knowledge we will have about what life is like for you at BU. Once we have this, we can respond more effectively to your needs and ensure any policy developments are evidence based.


Do I have to complete both surveys?

No – PIRLS is aimed at those who are a research grant holder, personally responsible for the management of research staff and/or the formal supervision of postgraduate researchers and those principally responsible for setting the intellectual direction of research. If you match this description, please complete the PRILS questionnaire.

CROS is aimed at those who have the primary responsibility of conducting research and are employed for this purpose. If you are employed primarily to conduct research and have no formal staff management/supervision responsibilities please complete the CROS questionnaire.

How do I complete the survey?

The surveys will remain open  until 25 March 2013 and the hyperlinks are here: CROS & PIRLS