Congratulations and Good Luck

May had a disappointingly low level of activity for bids being submitted and awarded, but congratulations are due to Schools for winning consultancy contracts, research grants and organising Short Courses.

For ApSci, congratulations are due to Holger Schutkowski for his award from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to look at the variability of diet in human populations of the Near East from the Neolithic to the Modern period, to Jonathan Monteith for his two consultancies with Peter Gunning and Partners LLP and with Distributed Generation Ltd, and to Grants Academy members Emilie Hardouin and Demetra Andreou for their consultation with Natural Resources Wales.  Good luck to Roger Herbert and Rick Stafford with their contract to Scottish Natural Heritage, and to David Parham and Jonathan Monteith for their contract to English Heritage.

Good luck to Isaac Ngugi of the Business School and Adrian Newton from ApSci for their application to Ekhaga Foundation, and to Kaouther Kooli and Elvira Bolat both from the Business School for their application to the Academy of Marketing.

For DEC, congratulations to Grant Academy member Marcin Budka and Bogdan Gabrys for their consultancy with Western Union Financial Services Inc, and to Zulfiqar Khan for his contract with Sunseeker International.  Good luck also goes to Zulfiqar and Mark Hadfield for their contract to Future Energy Source, to Venky Dubey for his application to UKIERI, and to Nicola Gregory for her application to the Experimental Psychology Society on individual differences in saccadic orienting to eye gaze.

For HSC, congratulations are due to Keith Brown for his short courses with Cheshire West and Chester Council, and with Torbay Council, as well as his contract with Somerset County Council.  Good luck also goes to Keith for his consultancy to Skills for Care, his contract to Plymouth City Council and his short course with Powys Country Council, to Jane Murphy and Joanne Holmes and to Janet Scammell and Martin Hind for their applications to the Burdett Trust for Nursing, to Anthea Innes and Clare Cutler for their short course for Bournemouth Borough Council, to Vanora Hundley and Edwin van Teijlingen, and to Zoe Sheppard, Peter Thomas and Helen Allen for their applications to the National Institute for Health Research.

Congratulations to the Media School for Peter Comninos, Alexander Pasko, Oleg Fryazinov, Valery Adzhiev and Eike Anderson for their international conference on Shape Modelling, and to Tom Watson for his IHPR conference.  Good luck to Zhidong Xiao for his consultancy to the University of Bedfordshire, and to Liam Toms for his consultancy to Kind of Watersports.

For School of Tourism, congratulations go to Nicky Pretty for her contract with the National Trust, as well as Nicky, Eva Makris and Samir Bhatti’s contract with Wells Cathedral, and for all of them together with Ehren Milner for their contract with Bath Museum Partnership, to Keith Hayman for his short course with Hall & Woodhouse Ltd, and to Nicole Ferdinand and Mary Beth Gouthro for their contract to King’s College London to research Carnival Futures: Notting Hill Carnival 2020.  Good luck to Lisa Stuchberry for her contract to Marketing Blackpool, and to Nicky Pretty, Eva Makris, Samir Bhatti and Ehren Milner for their contract to Shropshire Council.