BU Academics chosen as Finalists for The Organization Collection’s 2012 International Award for Excellence

“The Barriers that Hinder Rapid Prototyping Deployment within Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Which Should Come First?” was one the ten highest-ranked papers emerging from the 2012 Organization Collection’s peer review process.  All articles submitted for publication in the Organization Collection were entered into consideration for the International Award for Excellence.

Acknowledgement goes to Ahmed M. Romouzy Ali, Siamak Noroozi, Philip Sewell, and Tania Humphries-Smith who all contributed towards the successful article, which was Published in: The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management: Annual Review, Volume 12, (2012): 15-28.  The annual review consists only of articles considered to be of wide interest across the field.

The context of their research within industrial/manufacturing SMEs has significance for stimulating new product development, productivity and competitiveness through the deployment of RP technologies within the SMEs. The study involved a structured questionnaire survey with 200 SMEs followed by semi-structured interviews with ten Executive Managers of SMEs from the industrial/manufacture sector in the South West of England. The analysis of the collected data, in tandem with the supporting literature,  revealed the factors that influence the deployment of RP technology in SMEs. The findings were formulated into a strategy to help SMEs in making the decision of whether to deploy RP technology or not. The research has contributed new knowledge in the area of RP deployment in SMEs, which could potentially have a role in assisting their business survival through increased growth and competitiveness.