AXA post-doc funding call

AXA Research Fund have funding available for two year post-doctoral posts for basic research, specifically in the fields of: *Biology & biochemistry *Biology and genetics *Economics and business *Environment/ecology *Geosciences *Immunology *Mathematics *Microbiology *Neuroscience and behaviour *Plant and animal science *Psychiatry/psychology *Social sciences, general

Applications are submitted according to a three-stage process.
Stage 1 involves BU naming the fields in which we plan to submit an application. AXA recommend that we make a strategic choice of those fields we feel we are particularly strong in.
They then inform us how many applications we can submit at stage 2. This stage involves an outline application being submitted by the candidates. Following review by AXA Research Fund, some of these will be invited to submit a full proposal at stage 3.

If you are interested in submitting an application for a 2-year post-doc in one of the above fields, or know someone who may be, please contact the Deputy Dean for Research and Enterprise in your School before the deadline of 30 October to ensure your field is included in the Stage 1 submission.

As we will only be allowed to submit a limited number of applications at Stage 2, we will be holding an internal RPRS competition. Please contact Jennifer Roddis for further information about this. The deadline for this will be 11 November 2013.