One Response to “What costs £15 and smells of spent fireworks?”

  1. Tracy Wright

    Good Afternoon,

    I’m doing some research on NLW’s and came across your article on teargas.

    How did you get on? Did you find much data? Will you be publishing anything? Are you also researching any other kind of NLW’s? I’ve come across other data, but none on the gas (it is commonly used on activists and protestors – have you tried talking to members of these groups? Build your own data sample?).

    Bradford, Cardiff and other uni’s are completing research on different types of NLW’s and the various implications (political, conflict, health, human rights, etc). Maybe you could pool resources?

    I’d be interested in hearing more about this. Equally, if I find data, I’d be happy to share. What is your purpose & goals? What do you plan to do with your research?

    With best regards,

    Tracy Wright