Following on from the MDGS- the SDGS

 I have been working in the area of educating global citizens who understand the need for sustainable  development for almost fifteen years. As the Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (2004-2014) has drawn to a close, and we have seen a review of progress against the Millennium Development Goals (insufficient progress essentially), I have been watching with interest as the strategy for taking actions forward emerges.

 Essentially the MDGS will be replaced by the SDGs – will more  sustainable development and social justice be achieved as a consequence?

An  international report which has just been released by the International Council for Science provides an expert commentary on the proposed 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.  My colleague (Professor Stephen Sterling – aka the ‘Godfather’ of ESD) was asked to write the section on Goal 4 and its associated targets. He has warned that the proposed Goal and targets are strong on access to  education but weak in terms of viewing education and learning as a key part of engaging and helping address the 16 other SDGs.

If you are interested in follwoing this up, the full report may be found  here (see p27 for Education):

 and news coverage is here:


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The report will now be used as part of the UN backed process of refining the SDGs before they are agreed and launched later this year.

If we are to prepare BU graduates who are able to make a significant contribution to the world, it seems valuable to keep abreast of such developments.

How well are we enabling our students to work towards sustainable development and a better world? How might we do that better?