Institute for Studies in Landscapes and Human Evolution (ISLHE): Come and find out more over cake and coffee!!

Are you an archaeologist, computer scientist, ecologist, animator, anthropologist, palaeoanthropologist working in a Professional Service? ….

Or simply interested in landscapes and how they influenced human evolution?

If so why not drop by and find out more about BU’s newly launched Institute for Studies in Landscape and Human Evolution (ISLHE) at 1.30 PM on the 25th March (TAG01).  We would like to invite BU staff to an opportunity to find out more and see how they might get involved over coffee.

ISLHE’s research agenda focuses around the role of landscape process in driving human evolution.  What drove the evolution of our species?  Why did some species of the human family tree become extinct while others did not?  What role did climate change and landscape process in Africa play in guiding this evolution?  These are fundamental questions about our own origins and what drove our evolution.  The research agenda focuses on tackling these questions from a landscape-based perspective integrating a wide range of fields anthropology, archaeology, palaeoanthropology, ecology, remote sensing of modern analogues with both earth and computer science.

Working both in the field and using computer modelling we hope to tackle some of these questions over the next few years.  Another key part of our agenda is to work with computer animators to bring our science alive in the imagination of both scientific and popular audiences.

Join us to find out more!!