BU’s Big Issues: the use of technology in sports: giving athletes an Olympic advantage.

As part of Interdisciplinary Research Week, the Faculty of Management’s Dr Andrew Callaway and Shelley Broomfield and the Faculty of  Science and Technology’s Dr Bryce Dyer will be holding a debate on the use of technology in sport.

ACallawaySBroomfieldThis will take place on Thursday, 28th January at 2pm-3pm in KG03, Talbot Campus and refreshments will be available from 1:30pm.

With the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics fast approaching, all eyes will soon be turning to the world’s elite athletes and their astonishing sporting achievements. Sporting technology forms a key part of their preparation and can help to make significant improvements in performance.BDyer

Join us to hear from three of BU’s sports researchers – and competitive athletes in their own right – to learn more about the ways technology can improve athletic performance for both elite athletes and people taking part in sports for fun.InterdisResWeek2

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