Bristol Online Surveys (BOS)

Change in Account Creation Process and Entitlement to Students – March 2016


Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) is an easy-to-use service that allows you to develop, deploy and analyse surveys via the Web. No complicated set-up or technical knowledge is required.

The Bristol Online Survey (BOS) tool can be used to conduct small or large scale surveys over the Internet. Survey questionnaires are easy to set up, and offer a variety of question formats, and a simple page and section structure. Survey respondents simply need to visit a dedicated webpage to complete the questionnaire. Some very easy to use data analysis tools are also available.

The tool is provided via the University of Bristol and Bournemouth University has a full site-licence.

Availability and entitlement

This service is mainly designed for use by university staff. However, from March 2016, postgraduate and final year undergraduate students are now able to use Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) subject to approval from their academic supervisor.

Getting a Bristol Online Surveys account

Staff can apply for a BOS account, or for their students, by contacting the IT Service Desk:

A university email address will need to be provided. Users will then be sent a link to activate their BOS account. Please do not contact Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) directly.

Help and Support

Once you have an account, you can login from the Bristol Online Survey’s login page:

The BOS Help and Support pages are very useful in helping you to design, distribute and analyse your surveys.

If students require further advice on research design and ethics, they should contact their academic supervisor.

Research Ethics
Before you undertake any survey you must receive ethical approval by completing the online ethics checklist. Please read the University’s Research Ethics Code of Practice, which can be found here: