RCUK statement on Apprenticeship Levy

RCUK have issued the following statement this week:


Any Research Organisation submitting an feC Proposal to the Research Councils can now recover the costs of the new Apprentice levy.

The Research Councils in informal consultation with the sector, have agreed that the cost of the Levy can be recovered by adding the levy charge through direct staff costs, for both Directly Allocated and Directly Incurred Staff. This should be added to any UK based salary at 0.5%. This would not apply to any staff based at overseas Organisations.

The levy charge can be included on all future applications submitted from this date, no amendments to applications or grants submitted or funded will be allowable, though the charge can be recovered through grant virement within the cash limits of the grant. Further details on how this can be entered into Je-S is attached here .

We will be working with TRAC Development Group (TDG) in the coming year in order to include the levy for indirect staff as part of the indirect cost and how the income can accounted for.

The RKEO Funding Development Team will be adding the 0.5% cost (where DA and DI staff are included) to all research council applications with immediate effect.