New projects in the Student Project Bank!

There are new projects in the Student Project Bank!

SPB062: Marketing plan to drive adoption of mobile app for local news

Bundle is an iPhone app for local news readers. It works by aggregating local news articles from a variety of reputable sources and delivering the most relevant to users based on their current location. The app has the potential to revitalise the entire local news ecosystem. Bundle is currently available in the UK App Store but very little marketing has been done. Create a robust plan for the marketing of the app, with a focus on outdoor advertising and experiential marketing activities.

SPB063: Shelley’s Heart: Digital Research Animator

Shelley’s Heart will be a downloadable app is set in St. Peter’s churchyard in Bournemouth town centre and features modern alter egos of Mary Shelley and the Romantic poets. As a Digital Research Animator you will be responsible for researching, designing, and developing 16 animated gifs (2-5 seconds in duration) to enhance the audio narrative. These are based on Photoshop illustrations that have been mocked up for the design document/script. Given the desired interactive element, you will be encouraged to research novel animation technologies including snapchat animations, augmented reality, and geo-location tracking. A design document will be provided however, you will have a role in refining the animation design.

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