Computer animation and visual effects projects available!

Are you or your students looking for computer animation and visual effects projects? The following projects are available in the Student Project Bank:

SPB048: Animation to raise awareness of the support available to adult children of alcoholics

Create a 2-3 minute animation that highlights the key characteristics of adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) and conveys a message that they aren’t alone and that change is possible.

SPB063: Shelley’s Heart: Digital Research Animator

Shelley’s Heart will be a downloadable app is set in St. Peter’s churchyard in Bournemouth town centre and features modern alter egos of Mary Shelley and the Romantic poets. As a Digital Research Animator you will be responsible for researching, designing, and developing 16 animated gifs (2-5 seconds in duration) to enhance the audio narrative. These are based on Photoshop illustrations that have been mocked up for the design document/script. Given the desired interactive element, you will be encouraged to research novel animation technologies including snapchat animations, augmented reality, and geo-location tracking. A design document will be provided however, you will have a role in refining the animation design.

SPB082: Life in My Shoes animation

Produce a series of 2 minute animated films, each one based on the audio recording of a person’s story who has struggled with being HIV+. Each person will be from a different part of the world (Delhi, Boston, Pretoria etc.) for the Life In My Shoes (LIMS) international project. The people in these stories can’t show their faces because of the devastating stigma that still surrounds HIV. We are looking for an animator to realise the story in a creative and innovative ways, either by creating a character than doesn’t look like the interviewee, or finding some other creative way to tell the story.

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Projects are available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students at BU and can be used for dissertations, assignments, unit, or group work. Send us an email to request a project brief and application form.