Photo of the Week: Tiddles- the playful data analyst!

Tiddles- the playful data analyst!

Tiddles- the playful data analyst!

Our next instalment of the ‘Photo of the Week’ series features Andrea Lacey‘s image of her cat Tiddles playing in her data transcripts.  The series is a weekly instalment which features an image taken by our fantastic BU staff and students. The photos give a glimpse into some of the fascinating work our researchers have been doing across BU and the wider community.

Andrea explains more about her research and the background behind the image.

“I’m exploring the experience of mental health student nurses first practice placement,”

“I conducted focus groups to find out what students expect to get out of their placement. I recently started analysing the data and cut up sections of the transcript. I had just placed some possible sections together when Tiddles decided to join me. Tiddles is a rescue cat who until then had never shown any interest in play. These pieces of paper were too much for her and she wouldn’t leave them alone! The more fun she was having, the more her tail was swishing! I removed her countless times yet each time she came back and rearranged my carefully placed groupings. The impact here is two-fold- Tiddles does likes play and you can never predict the frustrations involved in research!” says Andrea.

If you’d like find out more about the research or the photo itself then please contact Andrea.

This photo was originally an entry in the 2017 Research Photography Competition. If you have any other questions about the Photo of the Week series or the competition please email