ADRC Research Seminar Series 25/04/18 ‘Ethnography of Hospital Wards for Patients with Dementia, and the Role of Music Within this’ Rosanna Mead

Ethnography of the Environment of Hospital Wards for Patients with Dementia, and the Role in which Music Can Play Within this

Rosanna Mead, University of Exeter

You are cordially invited to this seminar which is open to all BU staff and students.

Wednesday 25th April 2018

2.30 – 4 pm

F307, Fusion Building, Talbot Campus


Rosanna Mead discusses her PhD research exploring how music can play a role within acute hospital ward environments for patients with dementia, with a specific focus on agitation and methods to measure levels of agitation in patients with dementia, in relation to environmental factors. She draws on findings from her ethnographic study conducted within two acute hospital wards for patients with dementia, exploring the link between environments and health, considering health/illness states as something which can fluctuate in relation to the environment, and within this gaining a grounded understanding of the interaction between agitation and the environment.


Rosanna Mead is a PhD Candidate at the University of Exeter in the Sociology Department, under the supervision of Professor Tia DeNora and Dr Hannah Farrimond. She is also the Director of Dorset based social enterprise Musica Music and Wellbeing.