Procedures for late submission of external research and KE applications

The procedures for late submissions of external research and knowledge exchange applications has been updated to provide greater clarification. The updated procedure can be found on the staff intranet here.  This now contains useful links to the standard process when applying, as well as the financial regulations and explanations of full economic costing.  The Faculty Executive Deans have also provided their support to the procedure.

RKEO will endeavour to support and submit all applications where possible.  We recognise that some funders will give short-notice of a call and that there may be other circumstances where sufficient notice cannot be given.  However, all applications, regardless of time to submit, have to go through the same costing and approval process and there is an expectation that only good quality and competitive applications should be submitted.  Applicants should also note that time has to be factored in for Faculty Executives and/or UET to read and sign-off final submissions (these are busy people who spend a lot of time in meetings).  RKEO will be flexible where we can for those exceptional cases.

If you have any queries then please contact Jo Garrad, RKEO Funding Development Manager.