Guidance available to support researchers attending an NHS REC meeting

Two new links have been added to the Clinical Governance blog under the ‘Useful Links and Documents’ section which give further information and guidance as to attending an NHS Research Ethics Committee meeting for your project. The links are also provided below-

Remember – support and guidance is on offer at BU if you are thinking of conducting clinical research, whether in the NHS, private healthcare or social care  – get in touch with Research Ethics. You can also take a look at the Clinical Governance blog for resources and updates.

2 Responses to “Guidance available to support researchers attending an NHS REC meeting”

  1. Dr Leslie Gelling

    As an NHS REC Chair for the past 13 years, I cannot emphasise enough the considerable benefits of attending a REC meeting when your application is being reviewed.
    Dr Leslie Gelling.

    • swignall

      Hi Leslie,
      Many thanks for your comment – definitely agree, it makes the process so much smoother and it can really benefit the researcher being able to discuss their project and ethical considerations with the committee. I’ve found from working with applicants that even though scary, the experience was valuable and incredibly useful.