Reflections on the 13th Postgraduate Research Conference

The recent postgraduate research conference, organised by the Doctoral College, offered a perfect opportunity to present my albeit early work, having just completed a systematic review prior to engaging in data collection and analysis in the second year of my PhD. Any opportunity to share/talk about our work is always valuable, encouraging discussion and questions that help us to clarify our thoughts and progress our research.

The conference programme offered a wide view of research being undertaken by PGR students across all the faculties, enabling glimpses into really fascinating research interests of others. We perhaps haven’t seen this as easily as we might have in previous years, because of the restrictions on face-to-face activity due to Covid-19, that have meant less opportunities for networking with others. In addition to the option to view online presentations, the conference hosts an online exhibition of recorded presentations and posters, that further support awareness of the scope of research being undertaken across the University.

A real strength of the conference was the enabling of networking with other PGRs on campus at lunchtime and after the presentations. There was a real positive and energising buzz in the room and the opportunity really supported the further development of my PGR identity as a student within the Doctoral College.

Thank you to the Doctoral College for organising the conference. I would highly recommend attendance at the conference, if not applying to be a presenter, or submitting a poster.

Tanya Andrewes.

PGR. Department of Nursing Science. FHSS