REF mock exercise – submit your research outputs

The first internal mock exercise for the next Research Excellence Framework (REF) is now taking place. Academic colleagues are invited to nominate research outputs such as journal articles, books, chapters, films, and digital artefacts, which have been published since 1 January 2021 to a panel of internal reviewers. You will receive feedback on the overall shape of your REF outputs profile and receive advice on how to strengthen and position your future outputs.

Following the success of our REF2021 submission, we have ambitious plans to include the majority of eligible staff in the submission, whilst increasing the quality of the research submitted. This exercise represents the first formal stage in our preparations.

From Monday 30 January 2023 to Friday 10 Feb 2023, all eligible BU colleagues can start nominating your outputs on BRIAN for review as part of this mock exercise.

There are resources available to guide authors and producers on how to nominate your outputs for review.

For queries related to this nomination exercise, including questions on BRIAN, please contact

For advice on output selection or other academic aspects, please contact the UOA Teams.

2023 review timetable summary

30 January Review exercise launched
30 January – 10 February Academics to nominate research outputs on BRIAN for review
February – April Review period
May Moderation period
June – July Feedback period

One Response to “REF mock exercise – submit your research outputs”

  1. Jane Healy

    Hello the assessment tab does not come up as an option on BRIAN when I click on the top left hand side (following the instructions in the guidance)