MSCA Staff Exchanges 2023 Call Info Session

BU has been a successful participant in the Horizon Europe Staff Exchanges  (previously Horizon 2020 RISE) actions.

The 2023 call of the Horizon Europe Staff Exchanges action is open for new proposal applications until 28 February 2024.

European Research Executive Agency invites those interested in applying for the next call to join the online info session on 8 December 2023 (9 am UK time) and learn more about MSCA Staff Exchanges.

The info session will be the occasion to learn more about this innovative programme, which offers unique opportunities for public and private organisations and their staff in terms of R&I, transferable skills and competencies, as well as intersectoral and international exposure. You can download the agenda from the dedicated webpage library or navigate directly to the streaming page.

Please note that this is a 2023 Work Programme call, so UK organisations will still not be eligible to coordinate the project if the grant is awarded. It will be implemented under the transitional measures and the funding will be provided by the Government Guarantee scheme.

One Response to “MSCA Staff Exchanges 2023 Call Info Session”

  1. Avukat

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information! The Horizon Europe Staff Exchanges offer exciting opportunities for research and innovation across Europe, promoting collaboration and skills development. The upcoming info session on December 8th is a great chance to learn more about this program. However, it’s important to note the UK’s eligibility status for coordinating projects due to transitional measures. Let’s continue fostering international research cooperation! #HorizonEurope #Research #Innovation