BU and Google organised a joint User Experience (UX) Research Workshop at Google’s London office

Prof Huseyin Dogan from the Department of Computing and Informatics organised a workshop with Stephen Giff (User Experience Manager, Google US) and Reno Barsoum (UX Strategist and Leader, Admiral) on Wednesday 13th March at Google’s London King’s Cross office. The workshop is a continuation of the UX research between BU and Google. 


The workshop is based on the CHI case study paper titled “User Experience Research: Point of View Playbook” that is co-authored by Prof Dogan and a sensemaking workshop paper titled “User Experience Research Play Card in Augmented Reality” that is co-authored by Dr Sha Liang and Prof Dogan. CHI  (pronounced “kai”) is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. Prof Dogan received a donation from Google to present these papers in May 2024, and the research is likely to lead to future collaborations with Google. 


Dr Sha Liang who participated in this workshop stated that “we had the incredible opportunity to visit Google and dive into the world of User Experience (UX) research, thanks to the warm invitation from Huseyin Dogan, Stephen Giff, Chloe Ng, and Reno Michel Barsoum. It was an experience that not only broadened our horizons but also left us inspired to push the boundaries of our work at Bournemouth University”.


Hosted at Google’s London office, the workshop was a deeply insights into UX research, led by UX and Human Factors experts like Dr Gustavo Berumen and Dr Eylem Thron. Through engaging sessions, we explored the latest in UX point of view pyramid and discussed the future of UX play card in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The workshop emphasized the importance of UX strategies and building blocks and gave us fresh ideas for our future research.


Learning from leaders in the field, we’re now more equipped to integrate empathy and user-focused methodologies into our future research and projects. A big thank you to our hosts and speakers for such a productive experience.