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Public Engagement Fund

This call is for researchers at all stages of their careers to support the development and delivery of public engagement with research activities. It is anticipated there will be a second call for applications in March 2022.

Who can apply?

This funding stream is open to all academic staff, including early career researchers, with or without prior experience of public engagement with research.

What we’re looking for

You will need to demonstrate that your proposed activity will involve a two-way interaction between you and your chosen public. The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) defines public engagement as “the myriad ways in which the activity and benefits of… research can be shared with the public”.

“Engagement is, by definition, a two-way process, involving interaction and listening, with the goal of generating mutual benefit.” NCCPE

You will also need to show that you understand the importance of mutual benefit. Some of those benefits may include:

  • learning,
  • developing new skills,
  • gaining new insights or ideas,
  • developing better research,
  • raising aspirations,
  • being inspired.

 Your application should outline what you want your public engagement to achieve, who you want to involve, and how. You will find plenty of insights, information and inspiration in the NCCPE’s guide to Quality Engagement.

Be bold and imaginative in your ideas for engagement! Activities can be as varied as:

  • media engagement,
  • performance and exhibitions,
  • consultations,
  • workshops,
  • broadcasts and social media,
  • websites,
  • collaboration.

Applicants are strongly advised to book a 1-2-1 session with our Engagement Officer.

Application process

BU’s Research Principles

Applications to the Public Engagement with Research funding stream are assessed by the Research Impact Fund Panel. To put the Research Impact Fund into strategic context, under BU2025, the following funding panels operate to prioritise applications for funding and make recommendations to the Research Performance and Management Committee (RPMC).

There are eight funding panels:

  1. HEIF Funding Panel
  2. GCRF Funding Panel
  3. Research Impact Funding Panel
  4. Doctoral Studentship Funding Panel
  5. ACORN Funding Panel
  6. Research Fellowships Funding Panel
  7. Charity Support Funding Panel
  8. SIA Funding panel

Please see further announcements regarding each initiative.

These panels align with the BU2025 focus on research, including BU’s Research Principles.  Specifically, but not exclusively, regarding the Research Impact Funding Panel, please refer to:

  • Principle 5 – which sets of the context for such funding panels,
  • Principle 6 and Outcome 9 – which recognises the need for interdisciplinarity and the importance of social science and humanities (SSH).