Horizon 2020

The European Commission published the latest round of Calls for Proposals under Horizon 2020 on 1 January 2014.horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is divided into 3 three pillars and 2 specific objectives corresponding to its main priorities:

  • Excellent Science
  • Industrial Leadership
  • Societal Challenges
  • Specific objective ‘Spreading excellence & widening participation’
  • Specific objective ‘Science with and for society

Excellent Science

The Excellent Science part of H2020 supports the world-class science in Europe, by developing, attracting and retaining research talent and supporting the development of the best research infrastructures.

Total funding for 2014-2020 € million
European Research Council (ERC) Frontier research by the best individual teams 13 095
Future & emerging technologies Collaborative research to open new fields of innovation 2 696
Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA) Opportunities for training and career development 6 162
Research infrastructures (including e-infrastructure) Ensuring access to world-class facilities 2 488

Industrial Leadership

The Industrial Leadership supports key technologies, such as microelectronics, advanced manufacturing, etc. across existing and emerging sectors. It also aims at attracting more private investment into R&I and supporting the increase of innovative SMEs in Europe.

Total funding for 2014-2020 € million
Leadership in enabling & industrial technologies (LEITs) (ICT, nanotechnologies, materials, biotechnology, manufacturing, space) 13 557
Access to risk finance Leveraging private finance & venture capital 2 842
Innovation in SMEs Fostering all forms of innovation in all types of SMEs 616

Societal Challenges

The pillar of Societal Challenges supports R&I that target society and citizens (climate, environment, energy, transport, etc.). It supports the development of breakthrough solutions coming from multi-disciplinary collaborations, which include social sciences and humanities.

Total funding for 2014-2020 € million
Health, demographic change & wellbeing 7 472
Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine/maritime/inland water research and the bioeconomy 3 851
Secure, clean & efficient energy 5 931
Smart, green & integrated transport 6 339
Climate action, environment, resource efficiency & raw materials 3 081
Inclusive, innovative & reflective societies 1 310
Secure societies 1 695

Specific objective ‘Spreading excellence & widening participation’

Total funding for 2014-2020 € million
Spreading excellence & widening participation 816

Specific objective ‘Science with and for society’

Total funding for 2014-2020 € million
Science with and for society 462

H2020 will also provide funding for the following partnerships:

Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) (with industry)

JTI open and forthcoming calls are accessible via the Participant Portal call service, see Search Topics page.

Joint programmes of Member States

These initiatives will have their own calls for proposals, some of which are published on the Participant Portal and some on their specific web sites. Find out more in the section of Other funding opportunities.

H2020 Contests for Prizes

The rules and procedure of submission of applications are specified in Annex F – Rules of Contest (RoC) for Prizes to the work programmes.

H2020 Calls for Tenders

The Horizon 2020 calls for tenders are published on the TED – Tenders Electronic Daily web site which is dedicated to European public procurement and publishes calls for tenders.

Types of action

Horizon 2020 calls can have different types of action (funding schemes).

The type of action specifies:

  • the scope of what is funded
  • the reimbursement rate
  • specific evaluation criteria to qualify for funding

You can find the detailed description of types of actions in the General Annexes of the Main Work Programme and to the ERC Work Programme. The actions include: Research & Innovation; Innovation; Coordination & Support; Grants of the European Research Council (ERC) to support frontier research; Marie Skłodowska-Curie (MSCA); Cofund; and SME Instrument.

Find a call

Horizon 2020 offers a large variety of funding opportunities for research and innovation activities through calls for proposals that are set out in the Horizon 2020 work programme. On the Participant Portal (PP) you can find call information under Funding opportunities.

Already familiar with EU research funding?

You can go directly to the H2020 calls and filter calls that interest you in the relevant programme part, like ICT or Health.

New to EU research funding?

Go to Search topics to find topics that belong to open or forthcoming calls. You can search in the text of the call and topic titles, call and topic identifiers, topic description and keywords and tags related to this topic.

Useful Links

UKRO – The University subscribes to the UK Research Office which has useful information to help University Staff and Researchers. You can also subscribe to receive email information tailored to your research area.

European Research Council

Horizon 2020 Online Manual

RDS Quick guide to Horizon 2020 and RDS Quick guide to Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA).

Internal Advice

If you would like any advice or guidance on Horizon 2020, or help with proposals, please contact Ainar Blaudums, RDS International Research Facilitator.

The RKE Development Framework offers a pathway specifically for international funding, which offers information, advice and guidance on the major international funders, together with the opportunity to come along to a bid writing retreat led by an external facilitator.dev_framework

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