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Dr Yutaka Matsubayashi receives Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) Springboard Award to support research

Dr Yutaka Matsubayashi has been named as a recipient of the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) Springboard Awards – the first time one has been awarded to a Bournemouth University researcher.

More than 40 Springboard Awards, totalling over £4 million, have been awarded to biomedical and health researchers in their first independent post to help launch their careers.

Dr Matsubayashi, a Lecturer in Systems Biology at BU, has received the grant to support his research investigating the mechanisms that orchestrate basement membrane formation – working towards the invention of future therapies.

The basement membrane is a scaffolding structure that supports almost all animal tissues, and the research has possible clinical applications for many medical conditions caused by basement membrane deficiency – such as kidney failure, skin fragility, and brain haemorrhage.

The grant will be used to employ a research assistant, and a network of collaborators inside and beyond Bournemouth University will also support the work.

The Springboard Awards provide up to £125,000 over two years and a personalised package of career support to help biomedical scientists to launch their research careers.

Dr Suzanne Candy, Director of Biomedical Grants & Policy at the Academy of Medical Sciences, said: “Together with our partners, we are fortunate to be able to support this talented group of researchers doing excellent science. Our strategic ambition is to help create an open and progressive research sector. By investing in these individuals and teams, we are broadening the range of people and disciplines engaged in biomedical and health research, across all regions of the UK, and globally.

“We look forward to supporting our award recipients and seeing how their research has a positive impact on the health of people everywhere.”

Newton Fund – Call for Applications.

The Newton Fund is an initiative with the aim of developing the long-term sustainable growth and welfare of partner countries through building research and innovation capacity. It forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance commitment. The Newton Fund Partner Countries are: Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Newton Advanced Fellowships

The Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy and Royal Society are inviting applications to the first round of the Newton Advanced Fellowships as part of the Newton Fund. Newton Advanced Fellowships provide established researchers with an opportunity to develop the research strengths and capabilities of their research group or network through training, collaboration and reciprocal visits with a partner in the UK. Awards last for up to three years and are available to support researchers across the natural sciences including engineering, clinical or patient-oriented research, social sciences and humanities. Up to £37,000 is available each year for:

  • A salary top up (maximum £5,000) for the group or network leader from the partner country.
  • Research support (up to £15,000) to cover costs for studentships, staff, consumables or equipment.
  • Travel and subsistence (up to £12,000) to cover travel costs of the UK partner to the international partner and/or travel of the international partner to the UK.
  • Training (up to £5,000) to support the career development of the applicant and their research group or network.
The closing date for applications is 17:00, 22/10/2014. 
For further information, please visit the funder’s websites:
The Academy of Medical Sciences – www.acmedsci.ac.uk/newton-advanced

Newton Mobility Grants

The British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society are inviting applications to the first round of the Newton Mobility Grants as part of the Newton Fund.
This scheme helps strengthen the research and innovation capacity of researchers from Partner Countries by facilitating exchanges of researchers. Applicants should be researchers from academic establishments or government-funded research institutes. Awards last for up to two years and are available to support researchers across the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Applications must include a researcher from the UK and a researcher from an eligible partner country. Awards will cover costs for travel, subsistence and research expenses. The grant must be based around a joint research project.

  • The British Academy programme is known as Newton Mobility Grants. Grants are offered up to a maximum of £10,000 for a period of one year.
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering programme is known as the Newton Research Collaboration Programme. Awards provide funding at a flat rate of £2,000 per month of exchange visit (up to £24,000 for twelve months total exchange visit/s).
  • The Royal Society programme is known as Newton International Exchanges. Awards last from between three months and up to two years, and up to £12,000 is available dependent upon the length of the visit.
The closing date for applications to the British Academy and Royal Society is 17:00, 22/10/2014. 
The closing date for applications to the Royal Academy of Engineering is 16:00, 24/10/2014. 
For further information, please visit the funder’s websites:
The British Academy – www.britac.ac.uk/newtonfund/
Royal Academy of Engineering – www.raeng.org.uk/NewtonFund/
Royal Society –  https://royalsociety.org/grants/schemes/newton-mobility-grants/