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RDU Small Grant Fund Winner- Update

In November 2011 I (Joanne Mayoh) was the recipient of one of the first BU Research Development Fund (RDF) Small Grant Scheme prizes. This award gave me the opportunity to travel to Champaign (Illinois) in May 2012 to present a paper at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. The budget covered my travel to Illinois, hotel accommodation, conference fees for the five day event, and sustenance costs during this time. As an early career researcher, who has only started publishing within the last few years, this was an excellent chance for me to receive support to present internationally, and engage in essential networking and profile building.

In addition to the conference paper, this opportunity resulted in targeting networking with a number of influential methodologists, and the submission of two journal articles, and a further (accepted) conference abstract in collaboration with a newly formed contact. This new associate is one of the most experienced mixed methodologists currently publishing within my target journals, and is therefore an invaluable connection for at this stage in my career.

The process of applying for RDF funding was extremely simple and one that I would recommend my colleagues engaging with if they have any need for a small grant. I would definitely apply to this fund in the future to support conference attendance, research support or general networking.  Overall it was a wonderful experience, and I am very grateful for the support from BU and the Research Development Unit.

ESF energy research conference grants up for grabs

The European Science Foundation invites applications for grants to attend the European Forum for Energy Research’s second European energy conference. The conference will be held from 17 to 20 April 2012 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. funding covers the conference fee for doctoral students. This is a fantastic networking opportunity, so if you are eligible then do apply!

Conference / travel grants

Conference / travel grants are an excellent way of securing some funding to attend conferences to promote your research, raise your profile and join/establish networks.

If you are a new researcher then these are an excellent way to start/develop your research career. Winning a handful of conference/travel grants will put you in a much better position to start winning larger, more prestigious grants, such as those from the UK Research Councils. They will give you project management experience and give future funders the confidence that you are capable of conducting good research and delivering a project.

Many funding bodies offer conference grants and you can do a search of Research Professional to identify current calls.

To discuss possible opportunities or for support in submitting a proposal contact the CRE Operations team who will happily advise and guide you through the process.