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Call for evidence and expertise

Does your research touch on any of the below topics?

POST (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) has nine new POSTnotes in production. POST are welcoming contributions from experts within the below fields.

 To produce POSTnotes, advisers and fellows talk to a variety of stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the third sector. These experts help POST identify important themes, point the report authors in the direction of critical literature, and even help POST peer-review the final reports.

On each of the links above there is a contact for the topic. Do get in touch with them to share your research and expertise.

Why should I engage? The POSTnote is POST’s flagship report. It is an impartial, evidenced four-page briefing reviewing emerging areas of research. There are different ways to contribute to a POSTnote as an expert. Researchers can get involved by contributing with literature, with expertise, or as a peer-reviewer. Find out more about why to engage with Parliament hereAnd find more on engagement for impact here.

More information:  You can find the new POST work programme here. And you can read POST’s previous POSTnotes here.

Support resources: View our guidance for expert contributors.

Contact BU’s policy team for more information or support – policy@bournemouth.ac.uk

Expert request – Energy Sector Digitalisation

Call for experts in energy sector digitalisation

POST (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) is looking for experts to speak to about energy sector digitalisation, as they create a research briefing (POSTnote) on this topic.  They would like to interview academics and experts who could contribute insights on:

  • the use of digital technology within the energy system
  • benefits provided by ‘digitalisation’
  • disruptions to present methods of energy generation, transmission and use
  • applications of the most relevant digital technologies to the energy sector, and associated benefits
  • barriers to deployment across technical and policy dimensions.

Experts may be asked for an interview to share their insights, which would take place before the end of June.  They may in addition be asked to externally review a draft of the POSTnote once it is written, which would be in July.

To put yourself forward as an expert fill in this form before 5pm on Friday 28 May.

Why should I engage? POSTnotes are used by Members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords and UK Parliament staff to navigate complex research. Contributing to a POSTnote is a good way of feeding your research into the UK Parliament as part of a trusted, impartial publication. All contributors are acknowledged online when the POSTnote is published. On publication, you and your organisation’s communications team will be notified to publicize the POSTnote and your contribution. Therefore your contribution can help raise your profile and promote your research. Contributing to a POSTnote may lead to research impact as understood in the context of REF2021.

Support resources: find more information about contributing to a POSTnote as an expert

If you are unsure about engaging speak to Jane Forster or Sarah Carter for support.