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Visuality – using imagery and digital media in Higher Education teaching


Event date: Friday 24 February

  • Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm
  • Location: University of Chichester Business School, Bognor Regis Campus
  • Theme: Visuality – using imagery and digital media in Higher Education teaching

Co-ordinated by the Higher Education Entrepreneurship Group (HEEG) this event is free to BU members of staff (BU fund membership to this group and the subscription to HEEG allows any staff member of  the institution to attend events without an extra charge).

Session Summary:

Enterprise and entrepreneurship education is now recognised as essential to the university experience for all students whether ot not they wish to start up a business. Enterprise education is imbedded into programmes as diverse as Fine Art and Sport. Committed teaching, careers and enterprise centre staff make learning enterprise skills fun. The challenge remains to keep sessions current and to reflect industry practices in order to develop skills that employers want. A further challenge is to build resilience so that the employers want. A further challenge is to build resilience so that students are better prepared to face the sometimes-lonely world of the entrepreneur. The current generation of students also seek a more entertaining and technologically based learning experience, demand involvement by co-creation of the curriculum and seek greater control over their own learning.

This workshop explores how educators and practitioners use imagery and digital media in the classroom, to develop blended learning opportunities. It explores the use of visual cues outside of the classroom as a way to enhance the student learning experience.

Students feature as speakers, and will share their views on visuality and its impact on their learning and preparedness for the workplace. This will be a chance to experience first-hand how easy it is to work with images and discover a free and easy to use online software tool to enhance your teaching materials and in-class exercises. This session will finish with a digital feedback gathering exercise.

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Incubation: Creating Value for Universities



Date: 2nd November 2016
Location: London South Bank University
Time: 9:30am -4:00pm
KnowledgeLondon in partnership with HEEG is excited to bring you Incubation: Creating Value for Universities. The event provides an opportunity for debate and discussion on incubation centres. Incubation is a key strand of Enterprise activity, though universities can at times be uncertain about how it creates value.

Attendees at the event will hear from incubation managers and their colleagues about how this has worked in their universities, as well as from some of the founders who have benefitted from the service. There wil also be the chance to take a look at some of the nuts and bolts of running an incubation system, and consider how different types of incubator might be linked to the stage of development and type of university host.

Confirmed Speakers

Karen Brookes
Karen is the Programme Director for the SETsquared Partnership having devised and run their incubation and entrepreneurship training activities for the last fourteen years. She led the team that developed the world’s number one University Incubation Programme which has provided support to over 1,000 early stage technology companies which have raised over £1bn in investment.

Karen has built the SETsquared enterprise brand for the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey, which has provided over £3.8bn of economic impact to the UK economy. Karen has been key in the development of overseas relations in the US with technology support organisations such as MIT, Massachusetts Technology Transfer Centre, CONNECT, Global CONNECT, T2 Venture Capital and Austin Technology Incubator. Relationships with these organisations provide a springboard platform for European startups to access the US markets.

Adrian Tindall

Adrian is the Tenant Manager for Research, Enterprise and Innovation at London South Bank University (LSBU), where he managers the workspace community based in the Clarence Centre for Enterprise & Innovation and the Technopark.

Adrian acts as an enabler and facilitator for the SMEs housed in the workspace to engage with LSBU academics, staff and students through projects, events, mentoring and placements. Having developed a strategy to maximise the engagement opportunities for both LSBU and tenants, Adrian and his team are now looking for future tenants who complement and underpin the University’s Corporate Strategy.

Delegates from KnowledgeLondon and HEEG can attend FREE. BU is a memeber of this organisation.