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New tool for professionals working with adults at risk of harm

Safe tool LogoFor many staying out of harm’s way is a matter of locking doors and windows and avoiding dangerous places, people and situations; however for some vulnerable people it is not quite so easy. The threat of abuse is behind those closed doors, well hidden from public view and for those living in the midst of adult abuse violence and fear permeates many aspects of their lives, frequently perpetrated against them by those charged with providing their care.

Recent media reports on the abuse of vulnerable patients at Winterbourne View and Mid Staffordshire Hospital have highlighted failures in the system where professional social workers and nurses have failed to protect those most vulnerable.

Di Galpin, Lucy Morrison and Emily Rosenorn Lanng from National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work(NCPQSW) have developed an on-line tool to help practitioners evaluate and reflect on their practice when working with adults at risk of harm to ensure those who are most vulnerable are protected and do not live in fear.

The Safeguarding Adults Framework Evaluation (SAFE) tool  is used to support professionals working in the health and social care sector to improve their practice in keeping adults safe from harm. The on-line SAFE tool encourages practitioners to evaluate and reflect on their practice and offers a framework to help support the development of skills and knowledge in safeguarding adults at risk for the future.

Protecting adults at risk of harm is at the heart of professional practice in health and social care and the NCPQSW at BU is committed to supporting this to the highest level. Di, Lucy and Emily have worked together to produce a number of resources which can be used with the on-line SAFE tool, including the development of the first National Capabilities Framework for professionals protecting vulnerable adults which is being used by a number of local authorities across the country and the Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Harm staff group B workbook for qualified health and social care professionals.

For more information please visit the SAFE tool.