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This week’s research process seminar. Self-Reflexivity and co-presence in the affective research space. Tuesday 22nd Feb at 2pm on Zoom

You are warmly invited to this week’s research process seminar. Hosted in FMC but open to anyone interested: staff or research student.

Self-Reflexivity and co-presence in the affective research space by Dr Christopher Pullen (BU).

This session is about ‘immersion’ within research, or at least thinking about research.  It’s about crossing boundaries, if not borders, that divide the self from the research subject. Framing the notion of self reflexivity, I hope to make sense of moments, encounters, and unusual linkages, while crossing time and space.  When we place ourselves within the research frame, remembering different times, visiting different places, and seeing ourselves in counterpoint or in context to the subjects that we research, we attempt to understand, our motives, our commitments, and essentially ourselves.

Tuesday 22 Feb at 2pm on Zoom


Meeting ID: 929 210 3478

Passcode: rps!4fmc