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Who to contact in RKEO?

RKEO has had a lot of changes over the past six months and this guide aims to explain who to contact in the new structure.

You can read more about the roles about all staff in RKEO and access a structure chart here: http://blogs.bournemouth.ac.uk/research/contact/

Support with writing your bid and identify a funder/scheme/call:

– For support with developing your ideas, horizon scanning for possible funding, building networks or advice on structure and content, you should speak with your Research Facilitator:

  • Faculty of Management – Alexandra Pekalski
  • Faculty of Media & Communication – Alexandra Pekalski
  • Faculty of Science and Technology – Jennifer Roddis
  • Faculty of Health and Social Sciences – Jennifer Roddis

– For support with EU and/or international research bids you should speak with one of our EU/international funding specialist Research Facilitators:

  • Any Faculty – Emily Cieciura and Paul Lynch


Support with submitting a bid:

– For support with costings, internal approvals, submitting your bid, recording it on RED, using Research Professional, etc. you should contact your Funding Development Officer:

  • Faculty of Management – Ehren Milner
  • Faculty of Media & Communication – Dianne Goodman
  • Faculty of Science and Technology – Kerri Jones and Alice Brown
  • Faculty of Health and Social Sciences – Jason Edwards


Support with managing your research project(s):

– For support with financial and project management of your research grant, legal and audit queries, reporting, etc. you should contact your Project Officer:

  • Faculty of Management – Philip Leahy-Harland
  • Faculty of Media & Communication – Dean Eatherton
  • Faculty of Science and Technology – Laura Zisa-Swann (Laura is due to go on maternity leave soon and will be replaced by Giles Ashton)
  • Faculty of Health and Social Sciences – Cristina Lujan Barroso

– For specialist support you should contact:

  • Outputs, publishing, open access – Pengpeng Hatch
  • Complex financial queries, budgeting, forecasting – Gary Cowen
  • Ethics, governance and research data management – Eva Papadopoulou
  • Fusion investment fund administration – Sue Townrow


Support with knowledge exchange:

For specislist support with KE activities, you should speak with:

  • Public engagement, including the Festival of Learning – Naomi Kay or Harry Gibson
  • HEIF projects and business development – Jayne Codling
  • KTPs – Rachel Clarke
  • Research communications, PR, research website – Rachel Bowen
  • Student engagement with research – Sam Squelch

RKE Ops and the RDU are no more – welcome the revamped Research and Knowledge Exchange Office

Two months ago we launched the revamped Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (RKEO). This signaled the end of the previous structure and with it the end of RKE Ops and the Research Development Unit (RDU). Going forth we are simply called RKEO.

RKEO is made up of three functional teams:

  • Funding Development Team
  • Project Delivery Team
  • Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team

This new structure mirrors the research life cycle and will ensure that academics get dedicated and high quality support throughout all parts of the research and knowledge exchange process. A summary of the remit of each of the new teams is provided below:

  • Funding Development Team: Support and advice with all pre-award activities, such as horizon-scanning, identifying funding opportunities, developing and submitting proposals, and development schemes such as the Grants Academy.
  • Project Delivery Team: Support and advice for all post-award activities, to include project and financial management of grants and contracts, ethics and outputs.
  • Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team: Support and advice for all corporate-level knowledge exchange initiatives, including business engagement, the Festival of Learning, research communications and research impact.

You can access information on the new structure, team members and the new structure chart here: http://blogs.bournemouth.ac.uk/research/contact/

RKE Development and Operations is launched!

We’ve had a team name change over the summer by merging the RKE Operations team with the Research Development Unit. The new team is called RKE Development and Operations, with each sub-team called RKE Operations and RKE Development respectively. The new team will be managed by me as Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange, with Julia Taylor heading up RKE Operations and Corrina Dickson heading up RKE Development.

There are many benefits to be gained from a much closer working relationship, some of which have already been realised through the co-location of the teams in Melbury House. We already have posts which straddle both teams and there are efficiency gains to be made from linking our work up more effectively as well as improving communication about initiatives, bids, projects, etc and providing a more joined up level of service to academic colleagues.

There have also been some significant changes to the RKE Operations team. Five new colleagues have joined us this month – Brian McNulty, Eva Papadopoulou, Teresa Coffin and Sarah Katon have joined us as RKE Officers, and Gary Cowen has joined us as Assistant Management Accountant. A temporary structure has been put in place to cover the period from now until next summer. Rather than having three Senior RKE Officers we will have in place two – Paul Lynch will head up the pod responsible for all EU and KTP bids and awards, ApSci and BS; Jenny Roddis will head up the pod responsible for ST, MS, DEC and HSC. Thank you for all your patience over the summer whilst the team has been short staffed; we are now offering a full service again going forward.

You can access information on all the team members here: RKE Development and Operations

And can access a structure chart here: R&KEO structure chart