BU Research Themes – have your say!

The future BU Research Themes are starting to take shape but your input is still needed!

Several champions have already stepped forward to start defining the themes, and these can be read on a special part of the blog – BU Research Themes. Everyone is encouraged to read and comment on these emerging ideas. Once fleshed out these themes will shape the future BU research strategy and will inform how research is presented on the BU website.

No one has yet stepped forward to define the following potential Research Themes:

  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Creative and Digital Economies

If you have an interest in either of these themes then please do help us to flesh these themes out. See our previous Research Themes blog post for details of how to get involved. The completed templates were due back last week but the deadline has been extended until Friday 10 June.

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

One Response to “BU Research Themes – have your say!”

  1. Corinna Budnarowska

    As part of the Digital Hub project team, I would have to say that there is an enormous amount of activity going on around this theme right across BU. The Digital Hub has run seversl business events so far this year, mostly around the theme of Digital Marketing, and we have had a great response from businesses who are hungry to digitally enhance what they do. We have two events planned for July; an exclusive ‘Digital Dinner’ for a select number of blue-chip companies to attend at the Chewton Glen, and also a Digital Showcase event on July 19th at Kimmerdige House. Both events have a Digital Strategist Guest Speaker, Tiffany St James, and both events intend to showcase what BU is doing in digital, with representative themes and speakers five of the six schools. I will be attending John’s discussion on Thurs in the hope of getting a chance to eloborate on this, and I hope to see a number of my colleagues there too.