BRIAN – Improve your search settings

I’ve attended a number of BRIAN workshops recently and a common theme has emerged – BRIAN doesn’t find all of your publications available on the on-line data sources that it searches.  In investigating this further with individuals it became obvious that not all of you have optimised your search settings.  This is quick and easy to do.

From your home page, you can scroll down to view you current search settings.  If they just include your name, e.g. Garrad J, then you should input an address, e.g. Bournemouth, at the very least.  If you publish under other names or have published at other institutions then you should add these too.  Click on ‘My Search Settings’ and firstly add all combinations of your name and initials under which you publish by entering a name, e.g. Garrad Jo, and then clicking on the blue plus sign.  You can add as many names as required.  You can add previous institutions or those with which you collaborate under the address field, e.g. Swindon University, and as before, click on the blue plus sign each time you add an address.

After you have clicked the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page, BRIAN will search within four hours.  This is all you need to do.  You don’t need to add keywords or journals as this will limit the search too much.  If you want further information then please read the BRIAN – Quick Start Guide v1.

If you are receiving hundreds of publications that are not yours, please do contact and let us know.  We can sort this out for you.

Please note that I will be moving to RKE Operations on 1st February until mid-July and so please send all future BRIAN queries to and not directly to me.