A question of sport, Fear in childbirth, Crime Scene Science, Poison is my business, and a bit of Doctor Who… It can only be the Festival of Learning!

What an exciting line up of events we have this year.  If you haven’t had a good look through at everything that’s on offer this year then pick up a programme around campus (lot’s available in Poole House Reception), or head to the website and have a read of everything that’s going on!  You never know you might find something to inspire your own public engagement efforts for the future!

Here are a selection of hand picked events that we think are definitely worth a look.  Please do share events with friends and family, we’d love to see them here!

A question for sport: The how, why and where of the journey to become an elite sportsperson

Tuesday 10 June

6pm – 7pm, KG03, Kimmeridge House

This fun and interactive session explores what it takes to become an elite sportsperson in Britain. We’ll ask the big questions about why and how the journey is made. You’ll find the answers surprising, emotional and definitely entertaining.

Run by: Andrew Adams

Fear in childbirth: Is the media responsible?

Wednesday 11 June

10am – 12pm, EB206, Executive Business Centre

The media is often blamed for influencing society’s attitudes and views. In this event two teams will debate the impact of the mass media on women’s views of childbirth.

Run by: Vanora Hundley

Crime scene science for teachers

Wednesday 11 June

4pm – 7pm, C139 Crime Lab, Talbot Campus

The workshop is for teachers and laboratory technical staff and will outline methods of examining a crime scene. You’ll learn how to retrieve evidence, as well techniques to enhance evidence, such as fingerprints and blood samples. Everything you learn can be replicated in the school environment and is a practical example of science in action.

Run by: Alex Otto

Poison is my business

Friday 13 June

7pm – 8pm, Executive Business Centre, EB206

David Osselton is one of the country’s most experienced and senior practising forensic toxicologists. This lecture will take you on a trip through the history of poisons, poisoners and the development of modern day forensic toxicology.

Life and death in Doctor Who

Wednesday 11 June

7pm – 8pm, The Barnes Lecture Theatre, Poole House

This event explores why the long-running TV show has been so successful. The session focuses on the series between 2005-2014 and will offer an account of what it is about the hopes and fears, loves and losses that makes the famous Time Lord such a powerful cultural presence.

Run by: Iain MacRury