RKEO Coffee Morning at the Retreat – Monday 17th November

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Office will be in the Retreat, Talbot Campus from 9.30 to 10.30am on Monday, 17th November.  Come and meet the team and discuss how we can help you.

Having recently restructured, RKEO have lots of new people for you to meet and you can also find out how the new teams within RKEO can support you.  Whilst you can come along and discuss any service that RKEO can support you with, we will have a particular focus on the Funding Development Team and how we can support your research applications.  This will include writing fantastic research proposals through our training initiatives; help improve the quality of your application through internal peer review; ensure the ethics of your proposal is sound; as well as cost the proposal for you, record it on RED and submit it to the funder.  We can also help you find the right funding opportunity for you and help you through the process for that funder, as well as identify potential collaborators and partners to strengthen your application.

Come along and get to know us and what we do and have a chat about your future research plans.