Important change to your JeS account

This is to anyone within the Faculties who is registered on Je-S (the research council application submission system).

In light of the changes to the Faculty names, Je-S have updated all account holders details (approximately 400 people) to reflect the new structure.   Je-S were asked to do a basic mapping of Schools to new Faculties:

  • Faculty of Science & Technology (formerly School of Design, Engineering and Computing and School of Applied Sciences)
  • Faculty of Media & Communication (formerly the Media School)
  • Faculty of Management (formerly the Business School and the School of Tourism)
  • Faculty of Health & Social Sciences (formerly School of Health and Social Care)

I am aware that this format will be correct for the majority of people but there are a few who will still need to go in and amend their ‘Department’ name.  An example will be those within the Business School who will move to Media & Communication rather than transfer to the newly formed Faculty of Management.  Any changes that you make will come via the RKEO for approval, which we will approve as soon as possible.  This has been done now due to the long lead in time for decisions on applications submitted to research councils.  Please note that this does not change any internal BU systems, such as RED or BRIAN.  These will be amended nearer the transition stage.

Thank you for your cooperation.