ORCID – Have you got one?

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For those of you who have heard about ORCID but are not entirely sure what it is, a short introduction below might help you to understand its efforts more.

ORCID is an international, interdisciplinary, open, not-for-profit organisation. Its core function is to provide a registry of unique, persistent, and resolvable person identifiers together with web services to enable interoperability through integration of identifiers into research systems and workflows.

The core issues underlying the ORCID initiative are the effective and appropriate identification of individuals who participate in the research community, and linking individuals with their research outputs, activities and affiliations. Solving this problem makes individuals more discoverable and assists researchers in finding resources and collaborators to support their work. Linking the researcher identifier with research outputs, activities, affiliations and other existing person identifiers extends interoperability and supports reporting.

Currently, Bournemouth University does not have an organisational membership to ORCID but the registry is free to use for individual researchers, which means that you can visit the ORCID website and obtain an ORCID identifier for free to manage your record of activities, and search for others in the registry. ORCID also offers several APIs that allow systems to connect to the ORCID registry and some API functions are freely available.

If you have signed up or intend to sign up to have an ORCID registry, we would like to hear from you please so if you could email Pengpeng Hatch with YOUR FULLNAME and YOUR ORCID ID that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for your help.